7 beauty tips to be known by all women workers

If you're one of the workers, you would have never experienced any treatment and do not wear make-up, you are suddenly called a surprise meeting with company officials, right? Don't worry, you're not alone.

reported by Byrdie.com, since Tuesday (10/10/2017), here are a few beauty tips that should be known by all women work. Do you want to know about something?

1. remove the oil without a face powder

Whether the paper has no oil? Try to check the clothes of Your stationery.
Note paper also turned out to be a great function to remove oil on the face. In addition, this paper will also make you the makeup stay in place.

2. caring for dry facial skin

Continuous water can damage soil and facial skin. Carry the spray can moisturize your skin faces directly and You can take them anywhere, anytime.

3. create hair volume

Yes, hair was just a few moments will not inflate Karan, right? Dry Shampoo is the quickest and most definitely is applied directly to the hair and give effect on the volume of hair, without any other makeup products.

4. spruce up your hair with hand cream

Messy hair problems can also be solved by another product, surprising, namely, hand cream. Take a little hand cream, roll-out in all parts of the hand, then apply it along the hairline.

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5. using a hand Sanitizer to cover facial freckles

In addition to functioning as a deodorant, hand Sanitizer emergency can also help disguise the stain on the face. Place the small stain of hand Sanitizer, then clean with a brush, a concealer before closing the remaining stain with a make-up.

6. fix the chapped lips with a wet cloth

Yes, non-alcoholic baby wipes are usually the best improvement you can get for chapped lips, in addition to lip balm. The texture of baby wipes is good enough to get rid of dry skin on the surface of your lips.

7. curing burns with wet wipes

The Sun is indeed a good and much needed for the skin to increase levels of vitamin d level, however, the Sun is too high, which causes the skin to burn.

Do not put ice cubes in it, using baby wipes. This way much more relaxed for the skin. Good luck!

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