A Practical Way Of Keeping Young Stay Healthy Pregnancy

A Practical Way Of Keeping Young Stay Healthy Pregnancy


Early pregnancy or often referred to as a young, pregnant is the moments that can be confusing. With numerous changes experienced, should respond appropriately to maintain pregnancy in order to remain healthy.

Many of the body's adjustment is triggered by hormones, it is used so that the baby can grow up with normal and healthy in the womb.

Here are a few things you can do to keep the pregnancy pregnant young:

Addressing complaints and physical changes

A variety of physical adjustments against conception generally occurs i.e. nausea while pregnant young, accompanied by vomiting, a breast that feels pain, frequent urination, dizziness while pregnant and difficult bowel movements or the desire to eat something out of habit. In addition, pregnant women also exist that are sensitive to the smell of perfume or cigarette smoke.

To alleviate the complaints while pregnant, can consume food in small portions more often. Expand the drinking water, break up with a drink of ginger. Kukui intake of protein and iron to help reduce the sense of weakness while pregnant young. In order to prevent constipation while pregnant young, limit fried foods, spicy foods, and drink soda. Include foods rich in fiber and do light body activity.

Do not hold your pee, because it can trigger a urinary tract infection. To reduce urination at midnight, reduce drinking late afternoon. To help cope with dizziness while pregnant young, avoid standing too long and do not change the position suddenly. Lying to the left will help alleviate dizziness.

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Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and limit

One of the risk factors that can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, and the placenta is problematic is smoking while pregnant. Several studies associate smoking with cleft lip condition. Also avoid alcohol because it can increase the risk of low birth weight, impaired learning, language, speech, and became hyperactive. Limit your intake of caffeine while pregnant to avoid the risk of miscarriage and other problems in keeping your pregnancy.

In addition, avoid activities or hobbies that make pregnant women use chemical substances such as liquid cleaners, pesticides, or containing heavy metals.

Control of emotional conditions

Pregnancy can trigger a range of emotions, such as joy, eager to edgy and tired. Expectant mothers often worry about the condition of the babies, parenting abilities, until financial conditions. However, do not let these things cause stress.

Very normal pregnant women experience a changeup and down emotions or suddenly felt like crying. Enjoy every process in maintaining pregnancy, don't be too imposing or judging yourself. Ask for the support of families and couples. If the mood changes become very intensive, we recommend consultation with your doctor or psychologist.

It strengthens the relationship with spouse

Pregnancy is a good time to increase intimacy in couples. Speak honestly about the needs, concerns, problems, and the perceived expectations. Ask the couples doing the same thing. Discuss these things together will help reinforce a sense of community as a partner.

Sexual activity of pregnant women often interrupted, due to nausea, tired, or losing the mood. Choose the right time for sex when pregnant women feel comfortable. No need to worry about the effects of such activities on the fetus, because the fetus will be protected by the amniotic sac, the muscles of the uterus, and the fluid that protects against infection of the cervix.

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Be aware of danger signs of pregnancy

Light bleeding or flecks occurred when the first trimester of pregnancy, including normal. However, beware the signs of miscarriage as bleeding while pregnant are more accompanied by abdominal pain or not. Similarly, if vaginal fluid while pregnant young, changing the color, smell, or makes the itch. There is the possibility of infection that needs to be handled immediately a doctor. The infection can also cause symptoms of sense heat or pain while urinating.

Nausea and vomiting also include normal while pregnant young, which generally increasingly lighter on 12-14 weeks gestational age. Consult your physician if nausea and vomiting, accompanied by fever, bloody vomiting, irregular heartbeat, or going on a weight loss, dehydration and headache.

Checks to the midwife or doctor

Do checks on midwife or obstetrician regularly. The first visit, generally surrounding the health of pregnant women and determine gestational age. A preliminary examination in first-trimester pregnancy there is also the possibility of identifying risk factors and examine the chromosome abnormalities in the fetus.

Examination on a normal first-trimester pregnancy i.e. per six weeks. Don't be shy to ask questions about pregnancy or childbirth plan later on in Your obstetrician or midwife.

Pregnancy is a time of young who must get special attention. Complaints arising out of the time must be addressed appropriately. Consult a doctor or midwife immediately at, if the danger signs arise in maintaining pregnancy.

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