The first Week Pregnant symptoms Easily Known

The first Week Pregnant symptoms Easily Known


First week pregnant symptoms usually somewhat difficult because symptoms are uncertain. To facilitate checking whether pregnant or not, can not be based on one or two symptoms only. People conceive the main signs is often nausea and the delay in coming months that are normally used as a reference to calculate gestational age in weeks. But it is not necessarily the opposite hold true. Late onset and experiencing nausea sometimes it can occur at any time and in the absence of pregnancy.

Well, something like that is what makes the married couples enough trouble to detect a pregnancy in the first week's aftertouch. Based on experience in the community, even many married couples who found out that his wife is pregnant in her womb 3 weeks or even a month. Things like this can be bad because such ignorance can lead to accidental eating foods that can cause a miscarriage.

Indeed, it is not surprising because for the layman is difficult enough to recognize the signs of pregnancy and even ignoring the signs of pregnancy the main (late coming months and nausea). To make it easier to recognize and further ascertain whether pregnant or not, should see some of the other symptoms are actually not difficult. These symptoms can be seen from the physical and non-physical or psychic. The following explanation is more more information.

See The Symptoms Get Pregnant The First Week Physically

Signs of pregnancy can physically visible by naked eye. Some of the symptoms that can be seen include nausea, abdominal implantation bleeding and changes the shape of the breast. One of the two symptoms will not visible clearly or vaguely, therefore it must be checked a few other symptoms.

Here is a list with brief reviews the first week pregnant symptoms:

  • Bleeding Occurred or Appears Blood Spots

Seen physically, there are some characteristic symptoms of pregnant the first week. One of them is the occurrence of bleeding or spotting the appearance of blood in the medical world is called implantation bleeding. The occurrence of mild bleeding caused by implantation of fetal candidate process to the wall of the uterus, so that women will sometimes appear like patches of blood or bleeding at the time of a woman experiencing menstrual cycle. But at implantation bleeding blood coming out just a little.

  • Abdominal Pain

The onset of stomach cramps or stomach that feels very sick is also one of the effects of the implantation of the fetus to the uterine wall candidates women. This will make the stomach of a woman feels pain due to the implantation process. So usually women will experience pain as a symptom of pregnant the first week and until the process is completed.

  • Frequency of urination increases

Immediately after the implantation, the body produces the hormone hCG which will cause the frequency of urination. This will be reduced starting Sunday to 12 (end of 1st trimester) when hormonal balance starts to happen and then it will rise again in week 27 (end of 2nd trimester) when the size of the fetus begins to dilate.

  • Late Menstrual

Symptoms of a pregnant the first week this one is the most common. This is because there is no longer a body must be removed because the ovaries are already terbuahi. This is usually the sign that a woman is pregnant

  • Nausea and vomiting

Aside from being a sign of a person experiencing pain, nausea and vomiting that often experienced by women in the morning usually indicates that the pregnant young women of the middle. Events are also often referred to as morning sickness is generally do occur in the morning, but likely also occur throughout the day.

  • Change of Breast

Breast changes in women also became one of the early signs of pregnancy the first week. Usually women who are pregnant tits are more sensitive and will feel less comfortable when exposed bra or touched by hand. Physically usually enlarged breast size and softer. Hormonal changes that occur in the body of pregnant women also causes itch and enlarged nipples. In addition aerola also become darker colored or blackened.

Pregnant symptoms of Non-Physical in the first week
In addition to the physical changes experienced by pregnant women, it turns out that first-week pregnant symptoms can also be a symptom of nonphysical. For example such as cravings, sensitive, more emotional, easily nervous or easily stressed. Sometimes the nonphysical changes are not so visible and not too aware.


So that the following explanation clearer, more information:

  • Start Cravings

During the first weeks of pregnancy, it is usually women who are pregnant will cravings. Cravings is the term when women ask for a thing and must be obeyed by the husband or anyone else. In General, women like to feel the food or a sour fruit or foods with pungent flavors. These events are usually not only occur as an early symptom of pregnancy but can last up to 9 months old content.

  • More emotional

More emotional here doesn't necessarily mean more easily upset, but you will feel and addressing anything exaggeration. You can just be more irritable, more easily offended, suddenly feeling happy, sad, and so on. The little trivial things that You usually don't notice could just make you angry or happy.

  • Sense of smell is more Sensitive

Women who are pregnant in the first week are usually very sensitive to smell certain scents. It simply is a sign that the woman is pregnant through the middle of the young. the smell of is not usually favored by young pregnant women, including cigarette smoke, perfume, the smell of garlic and other less intense. But does not cover the possibility of the woman also suddenly likes a particular odor.

Check out Pregnancy with ULTRASOUND and Pregnancy Test Pack
In modern times it is actually you can easier pregnancy checked your wife or your partner more accurately. Small tool available named test pack of pregnancy that can be purchased at a pharmacy that has a very high degree of accuracy, some even reaching 99%. Cheap and accurate. The other way is to try to do an ULTRASOUND at a hospital or clinic for pregnancy.

  • Urine Test/Test Pack

How to find out the medical symptoms of pregnant the first week this one is one of the easiest. Buy test pack on the nearest pharmacies in your area. Then do a urine test to see if you are really pregnant or not. If you see two lines, then you positively pregnant. But if seen only one line only, meaning you negative pregnant. Sometimes it is not always marked with lines, it could be a sign of other negative or positive.


The second way besides using the test pack pregnancy is by means of ultrasound. You can come to the hospital to do a medical way on this one. The result is the most accurate ever compared with the ways already described since the last. In addition, ULTRASOUND can also figure out how the State of the fetus in the womb. You can also consult a doctor all about this pregnancy.

That last is a little explanation that can be given about some way to recognize the symptoms of a pregnant the first week. The first article this time and may be useful for the readers.

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