This Habit Can Avoid The Child From The Cold During The Rainy Season

This Habit Can Avoid The Child From The Cold During The Rainy Season

The flu can cause fever not only in children but can also make the children do not attend school and certainly missed the lesson. Protect your child from the virus causes the flu with teaching him some of the habits of healthy living.

If the child is stricken with the flu, will usually feel dizzy, feeling tired, muscle body feels the dull ache, fevers, throat discomfort, the nose is compressible, cold sweat, or a cough. The flu can be caused by a virus that spread through sneezing, coughing, or even when you're talking with people who are stricken with the flu.

Well, keep in mind the child's immune system is not yet as strong as an adult. When in school, more children are often close to the diverse sources of bacteria. You need to be extra careful in protecting children from the virus causes the flu and avoid it from bacteria that can further lower the system his science. The following are some ways that you can do to keep your child's health during the rainy season.

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It may sound trivial, but it makes hand-washing as a habit is one of the important habits applied to your child. Because of the the hand isvariety of bacteria can enter the body, plus various hand movements of the child around the facial which increases the risk of contracting the flu. Hand-washing is recommended wash your hands for 20 seconds, using SOAP, and if possible with warm water.

Sneezes using the elbow

If you're sneezing, often automatically we will meetup the nose and mouth with both hands. Now, try to teach your child to cover the mouth and nose by using the fold of the elbow.

Use liquid hand Sanitizer

Clean hands with SOAP and water will certainly be better than using liquid hand Sanitizer germ killer. However, liquid hand Sanitizer can help in cleaning the hands of germs at certain times. As at the time of playing, or at the time on the road. Clean hands using liquid cleaners need to be done up to 30 seconds or until the liquid is dried. It is recommended to use the alcohol-based cleanser. The cleaning fluid is not advisable given to children under 6 years of age.

Do not share with other children

Sharing is a good thing. But sharing drinks, food, or anything else that is directly related to the mouth, are advised to avoid. Because sharing in this way could be one means of viruses and bacteria moving.

Use a mask

In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of hands, use a mask can also help children avoid the flu. Teach the child to use the correct masks. The mask should be installed to close the perfect part of the mouth and nose. Encourage them to use a mask when there are friends who are exposed to the flu and during the trip. Discard a mask that is already used, never reused and wash hands properly.

In addition to some of the above, it's good you also provide vitamins, healthy foods, and make sure your child is properly hydrated. If your child is stricken with the flu, you should not let your child's school. 

Fever indicates that the child was in a potential spread of the virus, in the circumstances of the vulnerable, and is a sign that the body is being against the infection. Immediately check with your child to the doctor if the child has already begun to show flu symptoms.

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