What's the difference between healthy and fit?

What's the difference between healthy and fit?


The condition of the body that is healthy and fit naturally into a dream of all people, is no exception. Even for the sake of getting a healthy and fit body, You willingly spend countless hours just to work out in the fitness center.

Talk about a healthy and fit body, not a few people who still have misperceptions between the two. A lot of people who think if healthy and fit is the same condition, when in fact it was 2 different conditions. Well, You know the hell is the difference between healthy and fit? If still not know the difference, yuk mending you read the explanation here!

Quoted from viva.co.id in his interview with Dr. Ade Jeanne d. l. Tobing, SP. KO. explained that healthy according to WHO (World Health Organization) is a healthy state of physical, mental, and social. This shows that health includes 3 aspects are inter-related to each other, and it does not just mean free from disease and weakness.

Because healthy includes 3 aspects are important and inter-related, therefore needed coaching on health through one of the three aforementioned aspects, particularly through physical activities, such as exercise. The sport has a fairly strong influence on both other aspects, namely the mental and social as well.

In contrast to healthy, fit is an individual's ability to perform its functions efficiently and effectively, as well as able to do emergency activities without feeling tired. The more fit a person's physical condition, then the degree of health also will be increased.

A physical person can be said to be healthy in all organ function on the physical person under normal circumstances, either while at rest or while doing an activity. What does it mean when a healthy body condition is said to be healthy just in time to rest alone and feeling fatigue when doing an activity.

With the explanation above, briefly, it can be concluded that the condition of a healthy person is actually affected by the condition of the fit or whether physical person. The higher a person's physical abilities in performing the activities, that means his body fitness level is also high. If he has a high level of fitness, then it can be determined if the person has a physical that is also healthy.

So, have You ready to have a healthy body and also fit?

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