Tips For How To Shrink The Stomach

Tips For How To Shrink The Stomach

Tips For How To Shrink The Stomach

Each year in the US when you have health insurance, You are required to undergo a biometric to find Your health data. In addition to high blood pressure measured and weighed weight, circle your stomach will also be measured. When exceeding 35 inches (87 1/2 cm) for women and 40 inches (100 cm) for men you must follow the guidance of the weight loss program. Many men are fond of drinking beer has a size of the excessive stomach and as well as a woman who has a big not uncommon. In addition in terms of beauty, a big belly indicates a danger to health, because that's what insurance companies are trying hard to combat this so they don't have to pay the cost of physician and hospital that is expensive. It is better to prevent than to cure. We should also pay attention to the things we might think is trivial. How can we shrink the stomach?

Everyone has fat, it is necessary to protect the body's organs, but excessive fat is stored in certain parts of the body, such as stomach for example. Bertimbun fat will cause many kinds of diseases among other sick heart, diabetes, and cancer.

1. Exercise

You need to run fast at least 30 minutes a day, 4 x a week to burn fat your body. When you people are less active, for example sitting working in an Office, you need to walk in the morning with a quick step before you enter. In addition to the walk, you can wear tools sports such as bicycle or treadmill machines are static. You can also play the ball or badminton with your kids. Working in the garden, cleaning the House or yard, is an activity that is able to support your health. You can put the bike in front of the television and static exercise while enjoying the television footage. Thus you also teach your family to not always lazy sitting on the couch.

2. Diet

Usually, when Your weight is reduced, your stomach will join the shrink. Keep your food so that it contains a lot of fiber and vegetable. White rice is indeed better but red rice contains more fiber, it will help your digestion. If you are not accustomed to eating rice and Red suffered stomach pains when eating it, do it gradually. When cooking the rice, combine Brown rice to white rice. First of all maybe just a quarter part Brown rice, gradually add portions to the stomach (and mouth) you are used to.

3. sleep

It seems not so important but it helps maintain the health of the body. According to a study, people who sleep 6-7 hours every night her weight is more stable than people who sleep 8 hours or less. Similarly, excessive sleeping is not helping to reduce weight. This makes sense because with excessive sleep You become less active. Wake up you might even feel the Achy body, head dizzy. Otherwise, when you wake up in the morning and walk fast you will feel healthier.

4. Stress

Stress factors also play a major role in controlling weight. You may not be able to avoid the stress. Everyone certainly experienced it, both at home and at work. Can be caused by errant children or undermined, because the employer could also depress or lazy work so that your work is berimbau. But you have to know how to deal with it and not let stress gnawing thoughts and your feelings. Look for a relaxing time with friends or family to reduce stress. Exercise is also good for combat stress. When exercising your brain produces chemicals like serotonin and dopamine that makes you feel happy, thus stress is reduced. Besides sports also reduces weight, so you are getting two advantages, says Grandma while diving drinking water.

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